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The minimum adoption fee is $300 (unless otherwise specified) but you can donate more to help us save more dogs. We are a volunteer-run organization. All proceeds go towards the rescue, medical care, sterilization, vaccination and boarding of the dogs.

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1) You, your family, your lifestyle, your home and fencing.
(Ages of all people in the household; Do you own or rent? House, condo, apartment, townhouse? Do you have a yard? Is it completely fenced? How high is the fencing at it's lowest point?)
2) What kind of dog you are looking for
(age, gender, size, temperament, energy level).
3) Where will the dog be housed during the day ?
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4) How many hours a day will the dog spend alone and where?
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5) Where will the dog sleep at night?
Outside: patio, dog house, shed etc .. ?
Inside: garage, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, anywhere it pleases ...
6) What other dogs have you had in the past and what happened to them?
Breeds, ages etc ...
7) Are you willing to take your dog to obedience classes?
Private, group etc ...
8) If your dog were injured or ill, are you willing to take him to the vet?
Are you willing AND financially able to provide your dog with necessary medical care?
9) Is there any reason why you would give up your dog?
Moving, divorce, aggression, no time, certain injury etc ...
10) Please tell us about your other pets, family members with special needs/elderly/children and anything else that may help us find the
right dog for you.

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